Public Education Information Management System

Mission Statement

The mission of the PEIMS Department is to assist Crane ISD campuses and special programs, utilizing the Ascender Student Information System, with the entry, maintenance, and verification of PEIMS data for state and federal collections.

PEIMS is a data collection system developed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to submit district data to the state on a scheduled basis. PEIMS encompasses all data requested and received by TEA about public education, including:

  • Organizational

  • Budget

  • Actual Financial

  • Staff

  • Student Demographics

  • Program Participation

  • School Leaver

  • Student Attendance

  • Course Completion 

  • Discipline


  1. Support district staff with the effective use of the Ascender Student Information System.

  2. Communicate and disseminate documentation, updates, and training opportunities.

  3. Design training and resources to promote PEIMS data integrity.

Dominic Rivas

Crane ISD, District PEIMS Coordinator

807 S. Virginia St., Crane, TX 79731


The District PEIMS Coordinator at Crane ISD is responsible for submitting all the district data required by TEA to enable them to evaluate our school district and campuses. The information submitted determines state funding, as well as compliance and accountability in many programs.

Crane ISD PEIMS Documents:

he Core Collections application uses data from the Operational Data Store.