Mission Statement

Mission Statement Crane Schools are part of a community that personalizes learning and nurtures thoughtful, knowledgeable citizens.


It is the vision of Crane ISD to produce responsible, community-oriented, self-motivated citizens by providing a dynamic academic curriculum with high expectations for all students which is delivered by a caring, team-oriented staff and prepares them for a wide range of post high school opportunities.

Strategic Goals

1. State accountability standards will be met by providing a variety of effective instructional strategies across the curriculum.
2. Family support for academics will increase by use of various means of communication.
3. A positive, safe learning environment will exist at Crane ISD.

We Believe

Student learning is our highest priority

Students learn best when taught with love, compassion and understanding Students learn and master skills at different rates and in different ways

Each student is unique and has worth

Students learn best when motivated and inspired

Community and parental involvement is critical to student success

Success motivates learning requires the active participation of the learner

Independent thinking is essential

Expectations affect outcomes

Learning is a lifelong process

Graduate Profile

The Crane ISD graduate is an ethical and responsible lifelong learner. The graduate…

Has a strong academic foundation

Strives for excellence

Is self motivated

Communicates effectively

Thinks critically and solves problems

Works both independently and within diverse groups

Demonstrates a sense of community

Employee Profile

Crane ISD Employees are a team of dedicated professional who work together and go above and beyond with an attitude of excellence.

Employees...Have high expectations for themselves, our students, and their colleagues

Are student centered

Committed to and passionate about meeting the needs of ALL students

Communicate effectively and take initiative

Are leaders and problem solvers

Finally, Crane ISD employees are good role models, they are present for students and their colleagues, and show up every day to make a difference!