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Dear Parents and Guardians of Crane ISD Students,

As I am sure that you are aware, a massive winter storm is approaching our area.  Texas Education Agency, out of Austin, Texas, has provided the opportunity and is encouraging all school districts to continue education by providing “on-line” learning or packets of work for our students on Monday, February 15th and Tuesday, February 16th.  There will be no on campus activities from Friday, after school, until Wednesday, February 17th.  There may be a delayed start on the 17th, but the situation will be monitored and decided on Tuesday the 16th

After attending a meeting with national and local weather advisors, along with TxDOT, it is imperative that the District puts these safety precautions in place.  The weather advisors are also cautioning people who are out in the weather that after twenty (20) minutes of exposure frostbite is probable.  Please be very safe and stay in if possible.

Thanks for your understanding and support. 


Janet Hunt, Crane ISD Superintendent

There will also be not meal services during this closure.  We appreciate your understanding.