Important Information for Friday's Football Game Tickets

IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding TICKETS for this Friday Night’s Football Game vs Wink

Preface – In an effort to accommodate the families of students participating in Friday Night’s contest (i.e. Band members, Flag Corp, Cheerleaders, Football Players, Trainers, etc), we had a student ticket distribution on Wednesday during lunch. Students were able to come get tickets for their family members wanting to come to the game. We did this to help ensure those participant’s family members were able to watch their child perform. Based on the number of Tickets that were given out, we have reached stadium capacity of 50% on the Home Side. Therefore, we are SOLD out for the home side for Friday Night’s football game. No more tickets will be passed out for seating on the home side. You MUST have a TICKET to enter the Home Side Section of the Stadium.

However, the school district has decided to open up sections on the visitor’s side for Crane fans wanting to attend the game. The two sections closest to the visitor’s ticket booth – located on the South East end of the stadium. We were able to open up 150 seats in those to areas. Therefore, 150 spectators will be allowed into the stadium on Friday night. If you don’t not currently have a ticket and want to come to the game, you will be able to stand in line for possible entrance into the game. The FIRST 150 spectators will be allowed through the gates. Upon entering the stadium, you will be directed to the visitor’s side by one of our gate attendees. We ask you to please sit in the DESIGNATED Crane Fan Sections. Wink will have the other four sections for their fans.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Go Big (Go Begin in Gratitude)

Coach Cordell
Athletic Director – Crane ISD