Ticket Information for ALL future Home Football Games at El Ave Stadium.

Ticket Information for ALL future Home Football Games at El Ave Stadium..

During Lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.. Students that are participating in the game (playing in the football game, participating in the band, flag corp, cheer, etc) will be able to get UP to 4 tickets for your family. Coach Cordell will be available at the high school so you can pick up your ticket(s). If your family already has season tickets, this does not apply to you. You will only have this opportunity on Wednesday and Thursday. If you do not get a ticket(s) than you and your family member(s) will have to stand in line the night of the game.

You and/or a family member are no longer able to stand in line and pick up multiple tickets and then leave and come back at a later time. Once you enter the stadium, you will be counted towards our attendance mark and must stay in the stadium.

Southwest Gate (home side) will open at 6:15pm. In addition, for those of you that can not attend, the game will be live streamed on YouTube. We will send a link Thursday afternoon or Friday.

This information is for High School students only. All Junior High and Elem students must come into the stadium with their parents and seat with them during the game.

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Coach Cordell