Online Registration

Registration is now available!  

For All Parents:

Proof of residence, such as a utility bill, and driver's license will be required to finalize all registrations.  Information will be coming from all campuses in the near future on how and when they will acquire this information from you.  In addition, this same notice will also include times that will allow for parents to acquire assistance with the online application process.  

For Parents With Returning Students:

If you have accessed your Parent Portal within the last year you can use your existing login credentials to access the new Parent Portal interface.  From here you can register the children associated with your account.

If you have never used Parent Portal, or have not used it within one year, you will need to create a new account using the 'Create Account' button.  After your account is created you will need to acquire a Parent Portal ID from the campus your student will be attending (Office personnel will be available Monday 8/10/2020).  Questions will be asked in order to verify your identity.   Upon linking your child's information to your account you will be able register your child.

For Parents With Students Who Are New To The Distinct (including all incoming Pre-K students):

After creating your account you will need to use the Enroll a New Student option in Parent Portal.  Please remember that you will only do this if they are new to the school district.  Please note, the school district will require a few additional paper forms to complete the registration process for the first time.

Use the link below to gain access to the new portal web page as well as guides that can be used to assist with the process.