Chromebook Information

In an effort to further aide in our current learning environment Crane Independent School District will focus on providing Chromebooks to 3rd - 12th grade students.  Please review the Laptop Student User Agreement below.  More information regarding pickup times for your campus will follow.  

If the form can be printed and filled out before arriving that will help speed the process, but if you do not have access to a printer we will have documents on site that can be signed.  (Please do not go out of your way to have it printed.)

Student User Agreement Form

Contrato Para Computadoras Portátiles

*Please note:  Offsite monitoring only includes filtering services and signature detection for vulgar language or images.  Onsite monitoring, in addition to the offsite filtering services, gives teachers the ability to monitor students when they are in their class to make sure they are staying on task with additional abilities such as locking the screen, disabling the internet, closing tabs, launching websites, and broadcasting their screen to devices in their classroom.

Favor de Notar: La vigilancia fuera de la escuela incluye cosas como filtración de servicios y détection de lenguaje o imágenes vulgares. Vigilancia dentro de la escuela incluye filtración de servicios, pero también incluye servicios que ayudan a maestros/maestras monitorear que estudiantes estén trabajando en material escolar como: la habilidad de bloquear la pantalla, quitar accesso al internet, cerrar páginas de internet, lanzar sitios del web, y transmitir su pantalla a la clase.